Me. Because I can??

Family: Mum of three. ┬áStill pinching myself that I managed to spit out a girl third time around (ok, spitting out would have been easy but we won’t get into that just now). Wife of one. At least that is as far as I know. Some nights in my younger years are hazy but pretty sure I am only married to one person. Sister, daughter, cousin, niece and friend to many. Well definitely have lots of relatives, friends might just be too scared to tell me to bugger off. Still waiting, waiting, waiting for the Aunty title. You know who you are.

Farming: Black Angus beef cattle (no rainbow sheep in site) on the beautiful, pristine but remote King Island off the North West Coast of Tasmania. How a Queensland girl and her Queensland husband managed that is another story. Remember – No farmers, no food!

Fabric: I love sewing. Time to make things is hard to find. Fabric to buy online is not. I just like to stroke it…

Food: Cook it, grow it and most especially eat it. I am not good at inventing recipes but I am happy to share when I stumble onto something delicious.

Reasons I started a blog

  1. It is better than talking to myself

Reasons I shouldn’t have started a blog

  1. I don’t actually read blogs
  2. I don’t take criticism well
  3. I’m pretty sure I don’t have anything useful to say
  4. I don’t need another excuse to sit on my butt

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